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New Dynamic Data project

Publication Date: Wed 20 Aug 2008

With the release of .NET 3.5 sp1, we have begun a new E-Commerce project utilising Dynamic Data.
We also use telerik RAD controls in our projects, so they kindly supplied us with field templates utilising their controls.

Our first problem was image columns. We tend to store images on the file system and put the image name in the database. In order to achieve this we created a new field template, as there are none provided for this yet.

We created a base field template class, which read any custom arguments passed in the UIHint attribute and allowed any field templates we create to read these values easily. The first argument was the width or height of the image, we then built an edit template which had a fileupload control and resized the image and passed the filename back to the dynamic data framework.

We then hit the problem of requiring certain fields to accept html input. Again we created a new field tamplate utilising teleriks radeditor.

We now have an admin system with our main tables in, which can be filtered/edited successfully. We have given the backend a new styling and it seems to be working quite well.

Overall we are happy with the results. It took longer than anticipated, mainly due to the limited field templates available, hopefully we will see a lot more field templates added by Microsoft and 3rd party providers, so that we are not creating lots of bespoke templates.

One final issue we had which is still not resolved is that when viewing the list of items in the list template, we wanted certain columns hidden like the HTML description, but wanted them available when we moved to the insert/edit screen. The ScaffoldColumn attribute only allows the column to be moved from all views.


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