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Publication Date: Mon 16 Jun 2008

90% of bespoke software we create at Agilis often involves the mundane task of  creating CRUD operations on multiple database tables. This has been helped largely by Linq2Sql.

This has helped in minimising the time taken to map our relational database into our OO coding model.

Unfortunately, we still have to create admin screens which manage the objects and perform the CRUD operations. We have standard CSS templates we use now and it has almost become second nature, but it still takes time better spent on implementing the logic of the project. So it is great news to hear that Microsoft are releasing something called 'Dynamic Data'. This will essentially take your LINQ2SQL mapping class and build web pages to manage the entities.

It will also put validators on fields if they are nullable and by default not show foreign/primary keys as well as provide hooks and integration points. All of this logic can be altered and you can give dynamic data templates to use for each data type. This will save us a lot of time in implementing admin screens to manage our data models.

Instead of providing a run-through, it is better to look at the folllowing blog which provides good examples as well as a more detailed overview.


We are hoping this kind of RAD development will enable us to be more cost efficient on bespoke small-medium sized software projects


"An excellent system that fully met our brief and has significantly reduced our resource requirements"
Stewart Long - Boots

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